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Program Cuti Sekolah

To all my readers,

sempena cuti sekolah ni dah ada program untuk anak-anak korang?
kalau belum ada boleh check out program yang di anjurkan oleh Mahallah Safuyyah, IIUM Gombak ni.
A non profit program, program bertujuan untuk mencari dana untuk trip ke aceh untuk membantu rumah anak yatim di sana.
details nanti boleh baca bawah ni nanti.
sebelum tu aku nak tumpang sekaki sibuk bebel2. ;p

program target umur 5-11 tahun.
27 dan 28 march.
program creative art and satu lagi junior masterchef :)
rate is the cheapest in town.

ok bawah ni details.

:: click for larger view ::

Dear all

School holiday is coming. 
Let our children have fun while learning to be creative in Arts.
They can  also enhance their living skill by learning the basic thing in cooking and sewing. 
For 3rd constructive years,  Mahallah Safiyyah, IIUM Gombak Campus will conduct  CREATIVE AND COOKING ATTACK !!! again ON

27 AND 28 MARCH 2013 FOR CHILDREN AGE 5 – 11 years old.

Art therapy for children can provide kids with an easier way to express themselves since children are more naturally artistic and creative and the creative process alone is a good release of stress.  
Cooking helps our children to learn science, mathematics, and cleanness indirectly whereas sewing can create something beautiful  and it helps our children develop important skill such as controlling their little fingers, focusing and develop their patience.

MOST IMPORTANT, we can assist you babysitting your children so  you can work peacefully while your children is having fun with us learning.
 and our RATE IS THE CHEAPEST in town for one day arts and cooking program.

From past experiences, we are sure that your kids will enjoy learning and playing during  our programs conducted by our own students. 
At the end of the day children will be happy and proud  to take home their own masterpiece for their parents.

 Click here for detail program  2013

2012 program:!/media/set/?set=a.10200926191424029.1073741826.1442881082&type=1!/media/set/?set=a.10200926680996268.1073741827.1442881082&type=1

In conjunction with this, we humbly request for donation for our project namely Road to Aceh II ( June 2013) – A Place Called Home Yayasan Kasih Sayang.  
We have identified self sponsored orphanage ~ Yayasan Kasih Sayang in Takengon, Aceh Tengah which in need of assistance in term of monetary and kinds.  
This orphanage consist of 85 students, 44 girls and 41 boys aging from 6 -15 years old. 
They are children from very poor family or who has lost their parent due to Tsunami and previous Aceh Conflict.  
We welcome any pre-loved item as follows or anything your goodself would like to donate:

1. School Uniform - Attire is the same as public school in Malaysia
2. Stationery Set
3. Blanket
4. Winter Clothes
5. Pre Love Clothes
6. Toys & Soft Toys
7. Books
8. Any items related to this children

We will provide donation box at our mini exhibition booth at MPR Mahallah Safiyyah. 
We thank you in advance for your kind attention and contribution.

Further information and registration please email to

 Or sms Sis Shida/Sis Aiza : 0132031170/0124101751/ext. 4881


bagi yang takda anak dalam lingkungan umur ni.
tetap boleh membantu.
mana tau anak-anak dah besar.
tapi still ada barang untuk budak2 macam dalam list kat atas ni, yang still in good condition boleh la donate yea.
anything boleh contact Sis Aiza/ Sis Shida untuk sebarang pertanyaan lanjut ye.


sharifah rosidah said... [Reply to Comments]

Teima kaseh di atas pemberitahuan diatas, oleh kerana anak aunty belajar di IIUM so dia pun ada beritahu, insyaallah walaupun dah tak ada anak kecil....aunty akan cuba membantu seada nya.

Anonymous said... [Reply to Comments]

terus iols register my anak for this programe smalam.. thanx peej.

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