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Celcom's J.Lo Concert

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Rasanya mostly pun dah tau.
Siapa yang akan datang Malaysia untuk buat concert tour dia.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Tak lain dan tak bukan....J.Lo!!
Wah sukanya. Hamagad. Suka kat dia daripada zaman remaja.
Pernah kat blog ni aku share pic bilik aku dulu-dulu.
Penuh poster J.Lo....heheh. Idola sangat.
Idola macam tu je la. Feeling tu ada. tapi impian nak jadi macam dia, tak pernah kesampaian. :p

So bila dapat tau dia datang Malaysia.
Aku n nNoy terus teruja n akan make sure nak pergi concert dia.
Concert J.Lo ni di bawa oleh Celcom Xpax.
She will be down in KL on:

Date: 2 December 2012
Venue: Stadium Merdeka - KL
Time: 8pm

Wah dah tak lama tu.
Come on, let's get loud!
Siapa yang belum beli ticket.
Don't worry, as long as u r ready to have fun, Xpax and The Cube ada sediakan free tickets.
So bersedia untuk malam yang dipenuhi dengan sensational song and hot grooves kat konsert J.Lo ni.
If interested nak tau macam mana nak dapatkan free tickets tu.
Read on !

Whatchuwant? Wanna live life like J.Lo?
Have Whatchuwant and be treated like the Fashionistas that you are.
Dial *128# and subscribe to any Whatchuwant packs for a chance to get the ultimate J.Lo experience worth RM10,000.
Just make sure you subscribe from the 12th until 26th November to be in the running to grab the experience package including:

Be On The Cube, Be at J.Lo’s Concert
Korang jugak boleh menang ticket to Jennifer Lopez in concert when you get on The Cube dan download lagu dia to your Call Me Tones daripada 1st October to 20th November.
Just download and keep any TWO J.Lo Call Me Tones then gift TWO more songs to your friends and family for a chance at getting a pair of J.Lo’s Live In Malaysia concert tickets worth RM658 each
Download a 3-month Call Me Tones package for a chance at getting an all-expenses- paid trip to watch J.Lo Live in Singapore.

Semua Jennifer Lopez’s best club hits available on The Cube dan tunggu masa je jadi korang punya Call Me Tones.
So hit up ""

for more info (plus other ways for you to get the tickets).

You’ll get to have J.Lo on your mobile and tengok dia perform live.
What could be more awesome than that?

Feeling & Looking Hot?

If rasa korang ada confidence and sexy attitude macam Jennifer Lopez, show it through MMS. 
Snap at least 3 gambar of your most J.Lo-licious poses dan hantar via MMS to 20000 by 25th November 2012. 
You could win two tickets worth RM658 each to see J.Lo in Malaysia as well as get an all-expenses- paid trip to Singapore to see her there too!   

for more info boleh check kat sini. HERE.

Don’t Miss Jenny from the Block!
Starting out as a dancer, Jennifer Lopez – a girl from Bronx, New York – has become the worldwide diva that she is now. With her dancing, acting and singing talent, Jennifer Lopez has entertained audiences for more than a decade, so you should not miss the chance to see her live in concert.
You don’t have to be “Waiting for Tonight” to get those tickets, go grab the chance to get them now!

So hurry up.
cepat join n kita boleh jumpa kat sana.
wah tak sabar.
so mari amik feel n tengok video clip J.Lo.


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