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who to tell?

i'm confuse.
don't know who to tell or ask for oppinion.
there are bigger problems out there.
so i don't want to bug people with my silly problem.
fuhhh...kepala terasa seperti hendak meletop sebab don't know who to share it with. -__-

p/s : harap dapat mimpi indah untuk melupakan sekejap masalah ini. oh 'Mr D' sila la datang ke mimpi ku lagi ini malam. n hopefully indah macam hari tu. ngeh ngeh.


Anonymous said... [Reply to Comments]

*angkat tangan*


Otak Belacan said... [Reply to Comments]

*angkat tangan*


peej said... [Reply to Comments]

haha..kau ke.
aku ingat apakah nak bg tau kat anonymous pulak ni.

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